Sunday, March 29, 2015

I woke up this morning , the sky still black from yesterday and butterflies in my stomach. We packed this eleven person van in route to Ferguson to empower the community. Four hours into this trip- we sleep, the sound of the tires pressing against the concrete begin to create this common sound makes us like babies. Iowa has arrived ,the University greets us from the street an Chipotle settles our stomachs. We sit for about an hour only to be grateful that we finally get to satisfy this craving we've been trying to ignore. The city was small it looked like , it had a college town feel with restaurants and bars lined up along the main streets. After we eat and relax  its time to keep pushing, our destination is only another four hours away so Jenni pushes forward. We are finally here and Charles (one of the organizers) greets us at the door of the Days INN. We got settled and started right away, we split up to hand out flyers about a forum for city council and picked up trash. We get back to the hotel have a humble meal and set ground rules for all of us present including others students that came individually. Charles also tells us a little bit about himself, he use to be a Solange's stylist and a stylist for the USA Olympics team. He came from Texas to help a friend and ended up staying here for the last couple of months and is one of the co-founders for Operation Help or Hush.

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